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A Revolution starts with a issue that needs to be addressed.

It wasn’t long after having a Trumatic brain injury that and soon became apparent there was no Trumatic Brain Injury Hotline in the entire United States.

There is no central location where you can actually interact with 24 seven Peer support until now. The same issue to speak to professionals.

There wasn’t a community that was accessible and you could not easily connect to somebody else who has a Trumatic Brain Injury to speak with them.

Having a group of friends or like minded peers that you select that become part of your group that can help you through difficult times in dealing with concussion and brain injury as well as families and caregivers that need support as well is essential.

Having access to a peer support specialist or TBI patient or concussion patient is invaluable learning about how they survived in their strategies creates a community that never existed before.

Sometimes Resources we’re just not accessible because of either the cost or the distance or even the lack of experts.  Many of these professionals do not except insurance.

Creating an environment where some of these services can be funded so cost can be driven down dramatically to speak to an expert or completely subsidized based on your financial situation.

No matter what Connecting with your peers is vital to your mental health and also to your recovery.

Making sure that the site is safe for others to use is also critical and it’s important that those people who are sharing know that they are doing so in an  environment that protects and safeguards their confidential communications during group sessions with others. It’s important to note that sometimes these groups have to be monitored to make sure that it is appropriate for the mission statement. Information shared between doctors and other facilities is kept private between those providers and facilities. That includes online sessions with telemedicine. The same standards that apply as does a visit to a hospital, LCSW, RN, or doctors office apply when you have a telemedicine visit.

To further the interest of helping others we do encourage sharing based on limited criteria that you select. The more information that can be collected the more likely we are to see patterns that were previously never available that could change how treatments work.  Imagine the wealth of information that we have to offer so that they actually may be able to find better treatment plans and possibly in the future a cure.  Sometimes having thousands of data points to be able to analyze can create better patient outcomes and universities and researchers can utilize this information to hopefully change Healthcare.

It’s important to hear everyone’s story and hopefully this blog will continue for years to come and valuable service.  The more we share with each other and learn from each other the better chance we are that we’re going to make it. Having a community of peers and professionals there to support you as well as volunteers together contributing to the greater good  Trumatic brain injury and concussion patients will have much more resources than ever before and hopefully this will translate to more programs and more access to vital help from state and federal agencies.

It’s taken almost 5 years of trying to find help and unable to do so this new community has been created to be able to assist those people that need to find resources as well as support. Some people are dealing with situations that are so dire they need to be able to talk to somebody right away.  The toll that this takes on people inflicted with a concussion or a brain injury is unimaginable however their families suffer immensely as well and professionals as well as caretakers on the front lines need support sometimes more so than family members. Trying to  coordinate training specialized for individuals and families that are dealing with this issue is important. Hopefully we are able to create a system that can be used across the globe and that we become a global community.

Welcome to the TBIHotline.com the revolution in the way we help TBI and Concussion. Having timely access to care 24/7 is critical and the need a revolution in treatment and support.

'Let the Revolution Begin. Online sessions. Private 24/7 Peer Support to speaking with a TBi Specialist in Psychiatry, Psychology or even an LCSW or RN. All your needs right away without waiting hours or days or longer. Vets and non vets alike. You will have a chance to rate each one of your interactions. The more you provide feedback the better the TBIHotline.com works. We do this together and your satisfaction matters. Critical thinking, honesty, integrity. We have a strict code to show kindness, courteousness, empathy, understanding, and understand that no system is perfect but we are a community that has been underserved and the cost of care prohibitive until now.

It's going to take hard work and support to make this happen over the next few weeks and months. In a year this will be a Revolution.Connecting with your peers is vital to your mental health and also to your recovery.

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