TBI , CSF Leaks, ICP Surgery Video Blog. Johns Hopkins Hospital 2016

When I got my TBI and Spine Injury in 2014 I have had to wear sunglasses, stay away from crowded places, limit my exposure to stimuli and it has had a major impact on my life. My ability to handle stressful situations has been changes because my ability to tolerate overstimulation has been a factor. IT has lead to being isolated and have difficulty with going to grocery stores and crowded places, just one major problem with the TBI that I have had since January 28th 2014.

Video Bog. Going in and having an ICP Procedure at Johns Hopkins Bayview  DR Mark Luciano Surgeon, 2016.  TBI and Spinal Injury happened on January 28th 2019.


I got the TBI, Spine Injury and CSF Leaks on January 29th 2016 at University of Maryland Kernan Pain Center after surgery in Post Op when I was recovering from an SI Injection.

It is now Jan 24th 2019 and the was on Opiates has caused me to have no care at all now. The world has changed. Please visit the Twitter Feed TBIHotline.org. Follow the latest news, resources, scientific and nutrition information as well as connect to resources.

ICP Bolt Procedure to Measure ICP (Intracranial Pressure of CSF Fluid.

I have had threeBlood Patched. The first two at University of Maryland the next was at Johns Hopkins by a visiting physician from Duke, Dr. Ferdinand HUI MD Interventional Neuroradiology Surgeon and Dr Mark Luciano MD Director CSF Johns Hopkins. This one was different because it was with Fibrin Glue. The Traditional Blood Patched were unsuccessful.

CSF Leak Surgery at Johns Hopkins 2017. Bayview. Surgeons Dr. Mark Luciano MD Interventional neurosurgeon and from DUke trained by Dr Linda Gray MD., who trained the visiting Physician worked together to perform a Fibrin Glue Blood Patch that only a handful of Doctors can perform.

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