Welcome to the very first dedicated Trumatic Brain Injury Hotline in the United States. This site is not affiliated with the brain injury Association of America.

This is a   Community of Survivors. People are dedicated supporters. We have a desire to build a national network of Patient Advocates Doctors, LCSW, Case Managers and Peers. The site is designed to help those impacted by a Traumatic brain injury and or Concussion. We are survivors. A new National movement to finally bring you the help and support so you can navigate this challenging experience and in time hopefully benefit. Please contact our Peers. Sign up or inquire about donating your time even just a few minutes a month.

You can speak with a specialist either by phone 24 seven or through the use of a telemedicine referral. Just talking to another survivor or Peer may be just what you need to help. For more in depth support join or growing network or Specialist across the United States.

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Chances are you found this website by using your phone or a tablet. Offering 24 seven support to be able to talk to someone is vital and hopefully do you have access to be able to contact us by either telephone or using telemedicine actually be able to  interact with a healthcare professional or a peer support specialist. We encourage involvement in helping others and believe that volunteering to take phone calls can be very helpful in your recovery. If you choose to not become a peer support specialist you can always contact us.

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Don't think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the first step to moving forward.

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Use this space to tell people what your company does and why and how it does it. What're you known for? Who likes you? What's your number one competitive advantage?

Include all the things that make your business unique and better than the competition. A online muti diciplinary community healthcare approach to TBI and Concussion Care. process.

The very first National TBI and Concussion Hotline. Community Supported.

Enterprise Public Support for Profit TBI and Concussion. A collaborative effort by those impacted by this horrific injury can gain support long term. Be treated with dignity and speak to a level of services that you decide what works for you. From the very First TBI Hotline Nationally to local and online communities supporting one another with the assistance of the TBI A company with a philosophy to keep families together by helping all who need.


Next Steps...

The next several weeks we will be looking at how many people are actually filling out the forms that can describe what types of symptoms that they’re having so initially we have people trained and ready who can assist. This is a community and there are rules.  Nobody gets turned away because they cannot pay. We look for the community bridges a complex web of family and friends concerned citizens, churches, businesses and government agencies. Federal and state funding. Your participation in collecting information will be essential to driving the cost of services down. Besides offering a 24 hour Trumatic brain injury HOTLINE helping using telemedicine will reach other your participation in collecting information will be essential to driving the cost of services down. Besides offering a 24 hour Trumatic Brain Injury Hotline helping using telemedicine will reach others.  There are many complexities and many issues that need to be addressed including legal, financial, psychological, physical, health and nutrition. Finances are extremely critical because of the nature of the injury.  Being involved in a community that you select from your peers that you agreed to communicate with either in your local area or around the world. In order to safeguard people from predators because with the Brain Injury comes vulnerability and I would like to see that the community has a  safety policy in place. This would include a background screening. We don’t need to have predators or opportunist taking a vantage in a time of need. There needs to be a rating system for group sessions online as well as anything online when you interact with another individual to make sure that the other individual was appropriate on the phone or using telemedicine video if needed. This is a multi step process for rolling out what will be the next generation in healthcare. Participation as a community will be vital and helping Hospitals and groups of physicians solve some of these very complex problems.