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Progressive and Innovative support for families and those impacted by TBI and Concussion.

Our Story

Created due to a need for people effected by Traumatic Brain Injuries and their families to speak to someone for emotional support and also to connect to resources including community, TBI Trained Psychologist and TBI Psychiatry, Physicians, RN, LCSW, Telemedicine, Treatment Centers, and types of care available.

Meet the Team

Having searched for years to be able to speak with someone who understands TBI Traumatic Brain Injury with no luck the Founder decided that a website with online video chat as well as 24/7 support with your choice of level of care was necessary. Linking TBI patients with advocates services, community support, crisis support and live doctors and nurses that can answer more complex medical questions was a necessity to fill in for a void that leaves millions of affected TBI patients and their families as well as friends and caretakers with a place to go to find help.

With your support we hope to grow this into a thriving community where you can find and get all of the answers you need as well as support to deal with TBI and Concussion as well as the Physical and Emotional rehabilitation to bring more stability and happiness back into your life. We understand how frustrating finding anyone who can speak to the needs of someone impacted by a TBI or Concussion.

Founder & CEO

Next Steps…

It need your participation to work. Reaching millions in need. How, If you have been impacted by Concussion and or a TBI reach out to the level of support that you want or need.

Through a global volunteer and professionals offering around the clock live support including talking to Peers take the first steps by talking to a supportive person who is passionate about helping others overcome life’s hurtles when coping with a serious injury.

Family and Friends May need assistance including caregivers. One place to connect you with up to the minute resources. Provide long term relationship with those willing to reach out.

Assist with end to end service. Peer, Hotline, Nursing, Psychiatrist’s and Psychologist as well as many other Specialist.

Reduce cost and time to access care through a growing network of hospitals, Doctors, Therapist, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialistist and Legal Services.

Connect with faith based of all faiths.

Utilize Telemedicine and the internet and recommend outpatient and inpatient options.

Create a online Community of Peers and Specialist; LCSW, RN.s Psychitric Clinicians, Behavioral Specialist, Physicians, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist.

Breaking from traditional Care or Support but also not abandoning traditional inpatient and outpatient model as they have a vital role in Sucesfull Treatment.

You decide what level of support you want at any given moment. Your in charge with options that best fit your needs. Helping you along the path to living with and coping with this injury is our goal.

Tired of searching endlessly for someone who will understand what you are going through day in and day out. We are here to help and are trying to grow to evolve into Specialist available via phone or real time help utilizing telemedicine. You decide the level of care that is most appropriate. We connect you with carefully screened members who want. We do not judge anyone based on Race, Ethnicity, religion, or Disability.

Please sign up its free. Do you decide on the level of participation and we certainly appreciate completing surveys and forms that allow people who are studying concussion and treatments for Trumatic brain injuries can better understand how to assist those impacted.

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